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STEM's Invent Idaho winners moving on to Regionals

Congratulations to all of the following winners from STEM's Invent Idaho competition this week and our Grand Champion Berklie Ogieglo pictured below.  These students will move onto North Idaho  Regionals at Silver Lake Mall January 20-22nd.

1st Grade
Emery Jerome , Fashion Dresser
Sylvie Fobes , Dog Fun House
Makena  Tebbe , The Laundry Mover
Tessa Howell , The Spike Popper
2nd Grade
Parker Sterling , Marsterenater
Paizley  Martenson , Trip Pillow
Gracie Keppner , Kids Fridge
Piper Hart , The Cat Noise Blocker Headband
Kylie Foote , The Bunny Cage Cleaner
Stormy Lawson , Hand Crossing
3rd Grade
Lauren Wass , Snow Boot Socks
Avery Bitton , Know-It-All Speaker
Vincent LaPresta , Safety Sensor Lawn Mower
Kayce George , Safety Say Sack
Alexis Cazier , The No Forget Machine
4th Grade
Hunter Martenson , Twicky Candle
Maddie Andres , The Goat Gym
Ella Yde , Braille Writer
Sofia Becker , The CCT Holder
Xander  Hodge , Lifemaster
Kaylee Deland , The Scan and Type
Grayam Poteet , The Durable Marker
Rowan Padilla , The Lens Saver
Ayla McAlister , The Chicken Coop Conservator
5th Grade
Caden Robinett , All Sports Voice App
Alanna Hinkle , Counting Lid
Josie Fortin , Buckle Master
Payton Sterling , No Mess Hot Dog
Tori Bauer , Flash Drive Naming
Kenton Ferguson , Watch Dog
6th Grade
Berklie Ogieglo , Safelock
Lucy Potter , Heated Stocking Cap
Taelor Stafford , Wheel Chair Car
Branson Whitby , Wheel Enforcer
Ava Hatrock , Bubble Breaker
7th Grade
Josh  McKenna , The Never Inside-Out Sock
Lee  DuVall , Looking for Alaska
Avery Denney , On Pointe Balarina Assist
Faith Brodwater , Found A Bot
Adriana Noonan , Temperature Adjusting Massage Dog Bed
8th Grade
Kyle McGee , Lunker Munchers
Chenoah Jordan , Horn Helper
Hunter  Andres , Heated Waders
Megan Hatrock , Scale Reel
Josiah Shields , Mower Portal

Posted by: Cathy Richardson Published:1/12/17
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