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Early Release

Students in grades 7-11 have the option for early release at 3:00 since 7th period is a Study Hall, provided they have transportation. The link to the permission form is below--this must be on file in the office prior to the start of early release. Early Release students not picked up or without transportation at 3:00 will be sent to 7th period Study Hall.

Early Release Form





7th-8th Grade

7th & 8th Grade Teachers and Websites

Contact Mrs. Arpke  Mrs. Arpke Teacher - Band Teacher
Contact Mrs. Brubaker  Mrs. Brubaker Teacher -Schoolwide Enrichment Program/Project Specialist
Contact Mr Clifton  Mr Clifton Teacher - Music Director
Contact Mr. Hatrock  Mr. Hatrock Teacher -Fitness and Health/Special Education
Contact Mr. Lin  Mr. Lin Teacher - Secondary Math
Contact Ms. Mirich  Ms. Mirich Teacher - Secondary Language Arts
Contact Mr. Moon  Mr. Moon Teacher - Secondary Computer Science/Projects
Contact Mr. Vandivier  Mr. Vandivier Teacher: Social Studies/Economics/Projects