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Contact Us and Directory

For general questions, contact the Main Office with the mail icon below and complete the form.

Contact Main Office  Main Office STEM Charter

Directory for emails and teacher webpages

Note: Select envelope icon for email contact form or staff name for their webpage

Contact Mrs. Amburn  Mrs. Amburn Teacher - Kindergarten
Contact Mrs. Arpke  Mrs. Arpke Teacher - Band Teacher
Contact Mrs. Breitkreutz  Mrs. Breitkreutz Teacher - 2nd Grade
Contact Mr. Brown  Mr. Brown Teacher - 5th Grade
Contact Mrs. Brubaker  Mrs. Brubaker Teacher -Schoolwide Enrichment Program/Project Specialist
Contact Mrs. Carlson  Mrs. Carlson Teacher: Secondary Science
Contact Mr Clifton  Mr Clifton Teacher - Music Director
Contact Mrs. Cook  Mrs. Cook Teacher - 6th Grade
Contact Mr. Eldenburg  Mr. Eldenburg Teacher - Secondary Science/Projects
Contact Mrs. Fleener  Mrs. Fleener Teacher - 3rd Grade
Contact Mrs. Frates  Mrs. Frates Teacher - 4th Grade
Contact Mrs. Gardiner  Mrs. Gardiner Teacher - 3rd Grade
Contact Mrs. Gill  Mrs. Gill Teacher - 4th Grade
Contact Mr. Hatrock  Mr. Hatrock Teacher -Fitness and Health/Special Education
Contact Mr. Johnson  Mr. Johnson Teacher - Secondary Social Studies/Graphic Design
Contact Mrs. Jordan  Mrs. Jordan Office Supervisor/Registrar
Contact Mrs. Knutson  Mrs. Knutson Teacher -1st Grade
Contact Mrs. LaPresta  Mrs. LaPresta Teacher - Secondary Math/Business Technology
Contact Mr. Lin  Mr. Lin Teacher - Secondary Math
Contact Mrs. Marston  Mrs. Marston Teacher - 2nd Grade
Contact Ms. Mirich  Ms. Mirich Teacher - Secondary Language Arts
Contact Mr. Moon  Mr. Moon Teacher - Secondary Computer Science/Projects
Contact Mrs. Pence  Mrs. Pence High School Advisor
Contact Miss. Pence  Miss. Pence Teacher -Kindergarten
Contact Ms. Pischner  Ms. Pischner Teacher - 1st Grade
Contact Mrs. Rec  Mrs. Rec Teacher - 5th Grade
Contact Ms. Richardson  Ms. Richardson Office Manager/IT Director
Contact Mrs. Schilke  Mrs. Schilke Teacher - 6th Grade
Contact Mrs. Sims  Mrs. Sims Teacher - Secondary Language Arts
Contact Travis Swick  Travis Swick Vice-Principal
Contact Mr. Thomson  Mr. Thomson Executive Director
Contact Mr. Vandivier  Mr. Vandivier Teacher: Social Studies/Economics/Projects